Kalkomey eBook Series

While employed at Kalkomey Enterprises, Inc., I was part of a team that oversaw the publication of eBooks through a variety of channels. I was the editor for 41 eBooks, and additionally wrote and edited the short blurbs associated with all boating handbook eBooks. All eBooks can be found at bookstore.kalkomey.com

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Combined ATV and Snowmobile E-Learning Course

While employed at Kalkomey Enterprises, Inc. I developed the content for a combined ATV and snowmobile course. Typically, ATV content and snowmobile content are developed and maintained as separate courses, but New Hampshire's laws dictated that their course material be offered through one course. As part of development, I had to write, rewrite, and edit both course front matter, content, and assessments.

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Rosemary's Kitchen Catering Brochure

I edited the catering brochure for Rosemary's Kitchen, a cafe in Ruston, Louisiana, when they decided to branch into the catering aspect of the restaurant industry.

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Social Media Marketing Proposal for Mallard Lakes HOA

As a group, we were asked to develop and present a social media marketing strategy for the Mallard Lakes Homeowners' Association in McKinney, Texas. The HOA chose our group's proposal to implement in their community from the seven proposals that were presented.

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Independent Publisher Business Model

In my Business of Books course, I proposed a business model for an independent publisher, Cognosco Publishers and Foundation. The organization I devised was one part publisher—of fiction for adults, young adults, and children—and one part literacy nonprofit designed to work in tandem with the publisher to increase literary efforts in Dallas, TX.

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The Curation of a Library and an Opinion

In my Introduction to Publishing course, the first course I took as a M.S. in Publishing student at the University of Houston-Victoria, I wrote a two-part essay (combined here) exploring the cultivation and curation of personal libraries. As a collector of books and avid reader, I found the thoughts and processes that go into building a personal collection fascinating in relation to the world of publishing as a whole.

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Publication Design: Final Portfolio

In my Publication Design class, I completed a number of design projects which culminated in the design of a book. Throughout the semester, I not only continued to become proficient in programs such as InDesign, but I learned Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as many design concepts that were previously unfamiliar to me.

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Editorial Authority: An Annotated Bibliography

In my English Grammar and Usage class, I was asked to write an annotated bibliography over grammar pedagogy or editing. After some preliminary research, I chose to further research and write about the editor's authority and obligations to the author and audience.

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Satisfying a Book Lover's Appetite on a College Student's Budget

For this project, we were each required to write a manual on something related to our majors, minors, or hobbies. Since books are my passion, I wrote my manual on how to buy all the books you want, for as cheap as possible.

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The Depiction of Madness

As a member of the UNT Honors College, I elected to write a paper for my Spring 2011 Principles and Practices of Rhetoric class in order to receive honors credit for the class. I chose to write my paper, which was reviewed by my professor and the administration of the Honors College, on the rhetoric of the media's depiction of public and school shooters and how that can affect their audience.

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Argument for Non-Canonical Literature: The Next Story to Deserve a Reevaluation

In my Literary Analysis and Interpretation course during the Fall 2010 semester, we were asked to write an essay that argued the worth of "popular," non-canonical literature. I chose to focus my essay on the works of English author Jasper Fforde and on the extensive use of parody in his novels.

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